The Perfectly Timed Amazon Dash


So as you’ve probably already heard, the new Amazon Dash button was debuted yesterday. If you don’t already know what it is, the Dash button is a wifi-enabled technology that hooks up to your amazon prime account and will instantly re-order a product you need at the click of the button (check out the video below!) Seeing as this is ‘futuristic’ and the first of it’s kind on the market, consumers were left skeptical. To make things ever more interesting, the product was released one day before April Fools Day. We all are aware that companies have April Fools Day on their mind when it comes to pranking their consumers. One tactics companies most-often use is actually “releasing” new innovative or funny products. This awarness left consumers puzzled as they were trying to determine if they were being pranked or not by Amazon. Since this product was released one day before April Fools Day it has generated a lot of buzz, especially with people who might not have been otherwise interested in the product.

Now that it was confirmed a real product, it has got consumer’s attention. We have learned and discussed in Media Planning that timing can make or break a campaign. Like in the beggining of the year with Cinderella media placements in time square during New Years Eve, that strategically planned timing truly made the campaign even stronger. If Amazon Dash were released any other day, it most likely wouldn’t have gained so much attention. This impeccable timing is the perfect example of strategic and well-thought out media planning. But in case you didn’t see this service to available ONLY to Amazon Prime members.

Happy dashing!




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